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Epson 365

Introducing Epson’s Print365.

Print 365 makes taking care of your printing needs as easy as your mobile phone contract.

The prices in the below configurator are monthly costs including the hire of the printer, the ink and and next day on-site maintenance for a three year period. Prices stay the same no matter what how much the ink increases in price.

Print quotas are generous and to allow for seasonal variations are worked out over quarters so you can print more one month and less the next. This means that people, like schools, that don’t print in August but have a massive print run in September are catered for. If you do print more than the quota the extra print costs are relatively cheap.

With a range of 20 printers/copiers, there should be one with the speed and capacity to meet your needs and if your printing needs increase you can move up to the next package at any time. If your printing needs are large, up to 100,000 prints per year, the All You Can Eat package is for you.

If you are interested the first thing to do is a print assessment which will look at your existing network printers and show exactly what each of them are printing so you can see what is the correct printer/package for each location. Please let me know if you would like to give this no commitment FREE trial a go and we can get it started.


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